/ AR9462

Linux Mint 17.1 on Samsung Series 9 900X3F

I recently purchased a new notebook which I wanted to run completely with linux.
To keep things short: the Samsung notebook seems like a perfect match if you’d like to run linux on it:

  • you can disable UEFI secure boot in BIOS
  • the Samsung uses a standardized mSATA SSD connector – so easy & cheap replacement
    (in contrast to Zenbook UX31A – it uses a proprietary connector)
  • all hardware is recognized just fine including fn keys and ethernet adapter
  • the graphics unit Intel HD4000 does not require proprietary drivers
  • battery time, temperature and fan speed are fine

There was only one thing I needed to do to stop my wifi from disconnecting.
The card used in this model is Atheros AR9462. You need to configure the ath9k kernel module with option nohwcrypt=1 (solution via)

sudo vim /etc/modprobe.d/ath9k.conf
add this line:
options ath9k nohwcrypt=1 btcoex_enable=1 enable_diversity=1

Save the file and run:

$ sudo modprobe -b ath9k```

### Update:
> Running Arch-based Manjaro 16.06 on this hardware did not require any modification at all.