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perfect skylake linux notebook

tl;dr: a MacbookPro clone, great linux support, replaceable parts and a price tag of ~700€ with no cent going to Micro$oft

After four weeks running and testing Manjaro KDE edition on the Schenker S306 notebook (kernel 4.7) I can tell you:

  • all function/fn keys work fine
  • suspend & hibernate work perfectly & quick
  • wifi signal is fine with no signal loss (Intel wifi 8260 card)
  • fan and noise are absolutely fine, most of the time you are not hearing anything

all without any modification at all.

Honestly, I considered buying an expensive Lenovo Thinkpad to have good linux support and a high-stability body - but this piece of hardware works like a charm - for only ~ 650€ (10% discount, without disk,core i5 ,8Gb RAM)
the unibody enclosure is made of anodized aluminum and you can still replace battery, memory, m.2 wifi, 2.5 sata disk and m.2 PCIe SSD.
the speakers are a bit weak - but I wouldn’t expect high-end sound from built-in laptop speakers. Apart from that I am totally happy, battery lasts 4-7 hours.

detailed reviews here: german or english